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Best mobile phone deals and contracts in October 2019

Mobile phone deals hunting isn't exactly what we'd call a joy - with such a wide variety of choice these days it can be hard to know where to start. Should you go for an iPhone or Android? Are EE's phone deals the network for you or could Three's big data offers entice you?

Well luckily, we're here to answer all of those questions and more. When it comes to discovering the best mobile phone deals, we know the subject inside and out. Our team of writers are constantly unearthing phone contracts across flagships, budget phones and even the devices you've never heard of - and they can all be found in our handy mobile phone deals comparison tool...

Compare mobile phone deals

Using all of our mobile phone deals hunting experience, we've put together this guide. Above we've created a custom-made comparison chart, featuring the best phone contracts on all of the key devices.

But if that's still skipping too many steps ahead, don't worry. Below we've answered any questions you might have and created individual guides across a massive range of handsets.

Need to know the benefits of EE over O2, how to change your number or even how to go about entering the scary world of 5G phone deals, take a scroll this page and find out everything you need to know about mobile phone deals.

So whether you're looking for something cheap and cheerful or the best of the best with an Apple iPhone deal or a Samsung mobile phone deal, you will find it below. There you can compare the best mobile phone deals in the UK and have all of your queries and concerns answered.

The top mobile phone deals right now:

When it comes to finding the best mobile phone deals, our team of editors is constantly working to find the cheapest options, the most data and all of the best offers on each device. Below we've highlighted all of the best phones on the market with links to dedicated deals pages for each one so you can scan prices.

If you can't find the device you were looking for below then try searching for it using our custom made comparison chart above. Just refine your search and pick the device you want to see all of the available contracts on. 

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Best iPhone deals

(Image credit: Future)

iPhone 11

The cheapest of Apple's new trio of phones, the iPhone 11 is an excellent phone to go for. It sports a dual camera set-up, an ultra fast CPU, IP68 rating and a 3110mAh battery and that's not even scratching the surface of what this phone can offer! And even more impressive, it comes in at a lower RRP than the iPhone XR.

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iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Along with the iPhone 11, we also got two other devices - the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Pro Max blends some impressive features with a (relatively) affordable price. You get a triple camera setup, a beefy 3190mAh battery and a host of other features. Or, for a slightly larger spend, you can get the iPhone 11 Pro.

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iphone xr

iPhone XR

The brand new iPhone 11 is now here but that doesn't make the he iPhone XR any worse off, in fact this is still one of our favourite mobile phone deals. It manages to blend whats brilliant about Apple's top iPhones with affordable pricing...or at least affordable for a flagship! A powerful processor, 2942 mAh battery and a top performing camera all combine to make a top Apple device.

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iphone xs

iPhone XS

The iPhone X was a massive leap for Apple so the iPhone XS didn't have to change much to impress. It made tweaks to the camera technology, added an extra 1GB of RAM and introduces a mighty 512GB storage model. Perhaps the 6.5-inch Max model is more exciting this year.

We've found the best iPhone XS deals and iPhone XS Max deals

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iphone x

iPhone X

For a company that has a tendency to not change much between devices Apple really went all out on the innovation with the iPhone X and it is safe to say we were impressed. Even now going into 2019 this is still a brilliant device, although prices do seem to go up and down so don't feel too disheartened if you come across it during a costly period. 

We've found the best iPhone X deals

mobile phone contracts

iphone 8

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 fits perfectly into the slot between Apple's older devices (the iPhone 7 and SE) and some of it's newer options (iPhone XR and X). What makes this device so popular is its takes from both of these areas - cheap and affordable pricing with high-end specs. 

Here are the best iPhone 8 deals and iPhone 8 Plus deals

Cheapest mobile phone deals in the UK

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

So there's no getting around the fact that the iPhone 7 is feeling its age now. After almost three years, this device has been replaced by a host of new Apple handsets but, it is still brilliant for its age. While this may not suit the needs of spec fans, it definitely will win over the low price hopefuls, wanting to bag a cheap phone deal.   

Here are the best iPhone 7 deals and iPhone 7 Plus deals

mobile phone deals - best in the UK

iphone 6s deals

iPhone 6S

Much like the iPhone 7 series, the iPhone 6S isn't exactly top of the line anymore.  But, it provides some of the cheapest mobile phone deals from Apple now. Luckily, Apple has always been pretty good at being ahead in design so even if it feels a bit older, it won't look it.

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iPhone 6S deals and iPhone 6S Plus deals 

iphone 6

iPhone 6

Prices absolutely dived on the iPhone 6. Great news, considering it remains an excellent way to own an awesome Apple phone for meagre amounts of money.

See more ace prices with our best iPhone 6 deals and iPhone 6 Plus deals

iPhone SE

iPhone SE

Sadly, the iPhone SE really doesn't look like its going to be around much longer. As deals slowly disappear and only a few retailers still stock it, we don't give this phone much longer. You can still try and get one but we would advise looking at one of Apple's other cheap devices as an alternative.   

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Best Samsung deals

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The latest and greatest from Samsung is now here - the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This impressive work horse phone packs in the full use of Samsung's S pen, a giant battery and a powerful processor. A quick glance through this device's specs show it is aimed at the gamers, creatives and power users of the phone world.

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Compare the UK's best phone deals

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung's newest release, the S10 is a powerhouse of a phone. Finally removing the bezels to create a flawless screen makes this a device to stand out. With this handset you're getting three impressive cameras, a big battery and processor and a hefty price tag to back it all up. If you've got the money to go all out on your new phone, then the best you can go is a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G deal - but be warned it is very expensive.

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Smartphone deals

Mobile phone deals cheapest

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Were you hoping to get Samsung's newest device, the S10 but we're put off by the price. This is Samsung's direct answer to that issue, a relatively budget device with high-end specs. While you won't get quite as many features as the S10 or S10 Plus and a slightly smaller screen, you're really not losing a whole lot for the reduced price.

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Samsung Galaxy A70 deals

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy A70

With all of the 'S' series devices Samsung makes, it is easy to forget about all of the excellent 'A' devices out there. Most recently, the A70 - a device that mixes affordability with specs to bring you perfect mobile phone deals. For a more affordable, high-end Samsung, look no further.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 deals

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a lot like the A70 above, but a slightly down-graded, cheaper model. If you really want to save tonnes of money on your phone, this could be the perfect way to do it. It looks, feels and acts like a high-end flaghship, it just lacks the price.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When it comes to high-end phablet devices, the Note 9 has been well ahead of its time since its release. With the unique S pen, a top-line camera and high-end specs, this really is one of Samsung's best devices yet (even with the release of the S10). The one downside is the price, but for specs this good, who can complain.

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Smartphone deals

samsung galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy S9

Much like the Galaxy S8, the S9 is now in a weird state of limbo when it comes to pricing, jumping back and forth between extremely affordable and a little bit more on the expensive side.

Although the S9 didn't make many big changes on the S8 we're still big fans of the design, features and swift biometric security - not to mention the price of this device has dropped considerably since its release.

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best phone deals

Mobile phone deals in the UK

Samsung Galaxy S8

The prices of the S8 have been in constant fluctuation. When it first came out it was pretty expensive and since then it has dropped and risen at alarming rates and at one point was even more expensive than it's predecessor the S9! But now it seems the S8 has settled at a nice low price - perfect time to grab yourself a deal on a cheap powerful Galaxy device.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Not all too different to the Note 9, the Note 8 can make a brilliant replacement if you're not quite willing to pay Note 9 prices. You still get the powerful S pen, the beautiful infinity display that Samsung has become known for and a powerful processor. 

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Samsung Galaxy S7 deals

Samsung Galaxy S7

It may now have been superseded by a few different devices but the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still a brilliant phone. Now three years old, prices have collapsed on both the S7 and S7 Edge. That means  there has never been a better time to buy them for cheap pricing.

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Best Huawei deals

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei's latest and greatest, the P30 Pro is one of the best phones in the world right now. With a camera to match Google, a screen to compete with Samsung and a processor pushing for Apple's crown - this is the phone to be looking out for in 2019. Consider this a direct competitor to the likes of the iPhone XS and Galaxy S10. Just consider whether the Google ban has put you off this device first.   

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Huawei P30

The P30 is the younger brother to the P30 Pro and while it takes a bit of a dive in terms of features, cutting out the likes of wireless charging and dropping down to water resistant instead of water-proof, the massive drop in cost makes it worthwhile. It still has all of the brilliant features of the P30 Pro, like 30x zoom and a massive battery but without the blinding price tag.

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Huawei P30 Lite

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro a little bit too expensive? Consider the P30 Lite as a more affordable phone deal. Almost halving the overall, the P30 Lite is a cut down version of the companies most recent run of phones. You still get the triple camera set up and tonnes of internal storage but lose out on a few other features like a big battery and in-screen fingerprint.

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cheapest mobile phone deals in the UK

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Until very recently, this was Huawei's biggest, boldest and most expensive device. Now the P30 Pro might have replaced it but this is still a incredible device. The Mate 20 Pro is a massive powerhouse device, sporting three unique cameras and impressive features such as in-screen fingerprint scanning and reverse charging. If you're looking for a phablet device with powerful specs this is the one to go for.

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mobile phone deals with EE

Huawei P20 Pro

Back in 2018 The Huawei P20 Pro won our award for best phone of the year and it is clear to see why. With a brilliant camera, high-end specs, a brilliant battery life, fast face unlock and an camera to perform in most conditions, the P20 Pro is one of the best phones out right now. 

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Mobile phone deals on contract

Huawei P20

Huawei might be slightly lesser known than its competitors - Apple and Samsung - in the UK, but it is a major rising force. The P20 was the device to kick start Huawei's mainstream appeal. With a top-notch camera, big battery and strong processor, this is a budget device with some decent specs.

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Best of the rest

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

There is one thing that the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL do better than any other device - photography. Both devices come with incredibly powerful cameras and features including night and portrait mode. On top of the camera, this is an overall impressive device with a nice display and decent processor.

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Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

If the Google Pixel 3's above were just a little bit too expensive, the brand new Google Pixel 3a series is a cheaper alternative. You're still getting the high-end camera quality but the price is cut way down. Although with that price cut you are losing out on a few features like wireless charging.

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OnePlus 7 Pro deals

OnePlus 7 Pro

Recently released, the OnePlus 7 Pro is here to compete with the likes of the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10. With standout features like a pop-up camera, super fast processor and a price tag well below what you would expect, OnePlus 7 Pro deals stands out as one of the best options on the market right now.

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cheap phone offers

OnePlus 7

Fitting perfectly in-between the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OnePlus 6T, this is the perfect combination of brilliant specs and an affordable price tag. While it doesn't get some of the more impressive 7 Pro features (pop up camera for one), we think this is a great step up from the OnePlus last year.

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cheap phone offers

(Image credit: Future)

Oppo Reno

The name Oppo may not be the first to come to mind when you think mobile phone deals, but the Chinese company is slowly winning over the phone world. The Oppo Reno features an impressive battery, processor and camera, backing all of that up with Oppo's powerful software.

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cheap phone offers

the best phone prices

LG G7 Thinq

The LG G7 Thinq is a great alternative to the more expensive devices that Samsung and Apple are pushing out. Yes it might not have quite the same features but for the price you are paying this is a great device to own. 

See today's best LG G7 Thinq deals

Compare mobile phone deals in the UK

Honor View 20 

Something quite new in the grand scheme of mobile phones, the Honor View 20 only recently came out in 2019. It was the first device to bring in the infinity-O display and packs in a incredibly impressive camera. These high-end features are topped off by a less than high-end price, dropping it well into the range of budget flagships.   

See today's best Honor View 20 deals

mobile phone deals

(Image credit: Future)

Honor 20

A brand new device from Honor, if you're looking for a 2019 handset repping some fancy specs at an affordable price, this could be a great way to go. It rocks the impressive camera set-up we've come to expect from phones these days, a beautiful design and even a hefty battery/processor combo.

See today's best Honor 20 deals

Sony Xperia XZ3

Ah Sony, it used to be the go to brand for phone fans but now the likes of Samsung, Apple and Huawei have taken over. But, and this is a big but, the Sony Xperia XZ3 is easily a competitor to those devices. With a incredibly good screen, premium look and feel and brilliant 4K video - this phone is a underdog worth consideration.

See today's best Sony Xperia XZ3 deals

mobile phone deals

mobile phone deals

SIM only

Want to hold on to your phone for a little bit longer? Or feel like a SIM-free contract is the way to go? We understand and that's why grabbing a SIM only deal can be a great way to go.If you have a little bit of spare cash lying around, you may even find that teaming up a cheap SIM only deal with a new handset is a cheaper way of getting your new smartphone, with tariffs for less than a fiver a month.

Looking for a high data SIM only? Three Mobile has that region under lock, although you will have to pay a bit more. Or on the other side of the spectrum, iD offers some of the cheapest contracts for just a SIM. 

Visit our dedicated round-up of the best SIM only deals

Mobile phone deals FAQ

Mobile phone deals: what you need to know

Of course you want to find the cheapest price for your new smartphone - and our comparison chart at the top of the page will narrow that down for you - but we know there are likely to be dozens more questions you'll want answering. Keep reading below, where we answer some of the key commonly asked questions about mobile phone deals.

mobile phone deals

Mobile phone deals: which retailer should I go with?

When it comes to choosing which retailer to get your mobile phone deals from there are a tonne of options. Some exclusively offer SIM-free, some just contracts and some offer a wide range of choices. Whether you want to go for one with a trustworthy name or somewhere that prides themselves on their incredibly cheap prices - we've listed some of our guides to the top names below:

- Argos mobile phones - If you want your phone straight away, Argos' click and collect can be one of the easiest ways to do it.
-  John Lewis phones  - Frequently offering some of the cheapest SIM-free prices, John Lewis is always a great option to check for your new phone contract.

Contracts and SIM-free:
- deals - Owned by Carphone, usually offers top deals on new devices - one to keep an eye out for your new phone + £10 off with 10OFF.
- Carphone Warehouse deals - One of the best known mobile phone retailers, Carphone is an obvious shout. It has a stellar reputation and brilliant deals to back it

mobile phone deals

mobile phone deals

Text to switch: can I keep my mobile phone number when I change contracts?

For the longest time, it has been a massive pain to switch your number. This required calling your network and having a tedious chat about PAC codes. Now, thanks to a new ruling from OFCOM, you can simply text to get your PAC code. 

The new Text to switch feature means you can simply send a free text with the word 'PAC' to 65075. Your provider will then need to reply within a minute, sending you a PAC code that will last for 30 days.

The response sent to you must also include information about any early termination fees or pay-as-you-go credit balances. You can then give your PAC code to the new network you're joining. 

You can now also text 'INFO' to 85075 to get information about your contract. This includes what charges you might need to pay or if you can end your contract early.

You can now also request your new PAC code via your online account with your network. Like the texting option, your network must respond within a minute. If you have more than one number linked to your account (e.g family accounts) you must request your PAC online. 

mobile phone deals

What phone network is the best for my new mobile phone deal?

Each phone network has it's own advantages and disadvantages, there isn't necessarily a wrong choice it just depends on what's most important to you. Whether that be free rewards, good signal, cheap prices or good roaming options. Loyalty may be an admirable trait but we advise going for the phone network which has the best deal on the device you're looking for, you can't go too wrong no matter which network it is. 

mobile phone deals

Nobody else can come close to EE's 4G speeds in the UK. So if you rely on fast internet while away from WI-Fi, then an EE phone deal is the obvious choice. Plus, EE gives you three free months of BT Sport (or more if you get a Max plan) when you sign up, as well as six months of Apple Music. The EE coverage checker will confirm how strong it is where you live.  

If you've been holding out for the 5G phone revolution it looks like it has finally arrived and EE is at the forefront, offering a host of 5G SIM only deals.

mobile phone deals

mobile phone deals

The biggest lure to O2 is the network's Priority rewards. From 2-4-1 dinners and free coffees to first refusal on big gig tickets, O2 is the network for regular goodies. Plus, they have 1,000s of Wi-Fi hotspots in shops and cafes that you can connect to. Use the O2 coverage checker to see whether you'll be able to access 4G and then decide if an O2 phone deal is for you.  

mobile phone deals

mobile phone deals

Good news for jet-setters - with a Vodafone phone deal, you can use your data, calls and texts allowances in 50 countries around the world without charge (except on its Basics tariffs). But things really start to get good when you splash out on its bigger Red Entertainment data plans, as Vodafone will give you your choice of a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile subscription. Click to check if Vodafone covers your home

Vodafone now offers unlimited data SIM only deals and 5G enabled SIMs, giving competition to both EE and Three on their respective niches.

mobile phone deals

mobile phone deals

Three remains the king of the big data mobile phone deals, and still the only one of the big four networks to offer unlimited, uncapped, all-you-can-eat delicious data. We also like that with a Three phone deal you can use 4G to make calls and texts via the dedicated Three inTouch app, and you can connect to Wi-Fi in the London Underground if you ever find yourself in the capital. Its Wuntu app gives weekly perks, too. But 4G coverage isn't as strong as the other networks - check whether your postcode is covered with the Three coverage checker.  

mobile phone deals

(Image credit: Future)

Can I get a 5G enabled phone deal?

Looking to the future? The new wave of 5G phone deals that are now becoming available are here to boost your speeds. What is 5G you ask?

Well, 5G is estimated to be roughly 20x faster than 4G, allowing films and albums to be downloaded in seconds. It is essentially a super-boost to your phone.

It's a lot more than just speed though: it's about super low latency, so barely any waiting between input and action. That means gaming in the cloud can finally be reality, or remote control of devices from miles and miles away.

But here's the kicker, 5G mobile phone deals are still incredibly costly. While we imagine the prices will come down in the future, you'll have to wait a while until that is a more affordable reality.

Both EE and Vodafone have now launched their 5G SIM only deals. EE came first and went big on its offers, however it is charging a high-premium on its offers. Vodafone has now followed and has brought with it some more affordable options.

Three has recently announced that it will be following with its own 5G SIM only deals soon.

mobile phone deals

mobile phone deals

Should I get a contract or a SIM-free phone deal?

When trying to find a new mobile phone deal, it essentially boils down to two options. A phone contract or going SIM-free and combining the handset with a SIM only deal.

Most of the options you will see are contracts. These allow you to pay for both the phone and a SIM in one bundle. These are the more popular options in the UK and tend to be a lot easier, especially if you don't want to spend a tonne upfront on your new phone. 

The other, less used option is buying phones SIM-free. This means buying the handset in full and then buying the SIM separately. There is a bunch of advantages of doing it this way. You get a lot more freedom with your data plan so you can choose the cheapest or biggest data plans from EE, O2, Three or Vodafone. It also tends to be a lot cheaper doing it this way. The one downside, you will have to pay a tonne of money upfront. 

mobile phone deals

How much data do I need for my phone deal?

  • 1GB Some networks offer 500MB plans, but realistically we think you should get at least 1GB. It won't be much more expensive (if at all) and will afford you a little bit of Google Mapping, WhatsApping and emailing when you need them.
  • 2-3GB If you like to scroll through your social media feeds and emails while out and about without fear of extra cash to pay on your monthly bill, then up your data.
  • 4-8GB The likes of Spotify and Apple Music have promised us all our favourite tunes wherever we roam. Kit yourself out with a bit more data and you'll have plenty for music streaming and the occasional video, too.
    10-16GB This should be more than enough for most users. Loads of data for streaming music, downloading podcasts and enjoying social media videos. Because there's no such thing as too many cats falling into bins.
  • 20-30GB Big data for the big phone user. Perfect for watching Netflix videos, downloading content and streaming loads of music. And these plans often have extra freebies thrown in, too.
  • Unlimited The Three network is still the only one of the 'Big 4' to offer unlimited data. It can be really pricey though, so think long and hard whether you really need it.

mobile phone deals

How much memory do I need on my phone?

You're likely to be one of two kinds of person:

Person 1: You like all your photos, music, downloads and other media to be saved directly on to your phone. If that sounds like you, 16GB or 32GB handsets may not be enough and you should use our comparison chart to find the most affordable 64GB, 128GB or 256GB models.

Person 2: You're a stream demon. You've got subscriptions to Spotify and Netflix and you save all your Word docs and snaps into the cloud. Save your money and go for a cheaper, lower memory handset.

OK person 3, calm down - you fall somewhere between the two, right? If you can afford to get a smartphone with more memory, that is probably safest. But don't forget that most phones do allow you to insert an additional SD card if you run out of space - most phones apart from iPhones, that is.

mobile phone deals

mobile phone deals

Are refurbished mobile phone deals any good?

Refurbished phones have built up a bad reputation but you shouldn't be scared of them they are perfectly safe and can be great if you're budget isn't quite up to the high-end prices that 2018 and 2019 seem to have brought in.

'Refurbished' often means that the previous owner simply changed their mind about the phone soon after buying it, so it's still practically brand new - and the potential savings can be substantial.

If you do spy an unbelievable deal on a refurbed phone, the main thing to make sure of is the warranty. Double check that you are properly covered for a decent length of time. A year's warranty is preferable.

Sound good? Then head to our dedicated buying guide to the best refurbished phone deals or go to one of the more recognisable refurbished sites such as Music Magpie or maybe something like Envirofone.

So there you have it - we hope that you're now fully prepared to go ahead and finally commit to one of the UK's best mobile phone deals. Now you're equipped with all the information, you can head back to the top of this page and narrow down the deal for you.