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Black Friday UK deals 2019: Amazon unveils dates for its 8-day sale

Black Friday UK deals 2019
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It's finally the month for Black Friday UK deals in 2019, and the November 29 sales event is in sight. The bargain bonanza gets bigger each month, and we're expecting 2019 to see it bigger than ever, with so many people using the savings as a chance to stock up on Christmas gifts.

Well, the 'official' date for Black Friday is November 29, with Cyber Monday on December 2, but Amazon has gone early: it's announced an eight-day sales period from November 22, a week before the sales event itself.

(By the way, this is exactly the same as in 2018, where Amazon extended its Black Friday period for a week before the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy - so it's good that it's sticking with this period for the best deals).

Amazon has confirmed Black Friday will be its 'biggest ever' this year, and as on Amazon Prime Day, Amazon Prime members will get early access to a selection of Lightning Deals, so if you're after some of the more unique deals (we saw some stunning offers during Prime Day, including a big drop on a Macbook) then it's worth becoming a Prime member during this time (you can sign up for a free 30-day trial).

The brand is also steadily offering more discounts at the moment as it bids to grab a few more dollars before Black Friday - we're keeping tabs on what the brand is doing in our comprehensive Amazon Black Friday - what to expect hub.

Some of the most popular Black Friday deals on Amazon in 2018 included the Echo Dot (3rd Gen)Instant Pot Pressure Cooker and Lego Marvel Avengers sets – although Amazon has, in the last few months, been highlighting how much better its sales have been during its own Prime Day sales earlier in the year. 

We are, as ever, expecting some meaty discounts on the main range of Amazon devices - so the new Echo Dot with ClockEcho Show 5 and Amazon Fire 4K TV stick will be dropped massively in price.

Despite Amazon's best efforts, we still think the bulk of Black Friday shopping will be done in the early hours of the morning on Friday November 29, with the deals then leading into Monday December 2 for Cyber Monday.

As Amazon has confirmed, the UK will start seeing interest ramping up from a week or two before Black Friday (other than the early deals we're seeing, of course), with the Wednesday to Friday period bringing far more discounts than you might expect - plenty of retailers are set to unleash deals well ahead of the 'big day', so it's worth keeping track of the items you're wanting to buy.

There should still be some great discounts on Cyber Monday too, but unlike in the US, there are fewer large-scale sales in the UK.

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday began as a US tradition started, and is always the Friday immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is how we arrived at the date of November 29 above.

As always, Cyber Monday is, well, the Monday immediately after Black Friday. So using all our fingers and two calendars, we’ve worked out that means it'll be happening on Monday 2 December.

Black Friday, in the US at least, was about electronics and other high-ticket items, with Cyber Monday more about lifestyle goods - but now they’re just one big smooshed-together buying period, and one that’s extending far beyond the bounds of that single weekend.

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Most retailers will likely begin their Black Friday deals around a week before November 29 (just like Amazon), judging by past performances, but many retailers offer pre-Black Friday deals over a month in advance. We're already seeing some great pre-Black Friday sales from a few shops that could bag you one or two things from your wishlist before the deals period begins. We'll list some of the best below for you to peruse.

Research from Picodi states that in 2018, 95% of people in the UK were aware of the Black Friday phenomenon, but the number who knew the exact date was far lower.

That’s in stark contrast to the US, where the notion of the 'Doorbuster', a sale that’s worth queuing for on Black Friday as it can only be found physically in stores, still prevails.

Given Black Friday is as much about big-ticket items as anything else, and many will want to prep their year to plan for when to buy a new laptop, TV or iPad, we've pulled out the research to let you know precisely what to expect this year.

The best early Black Friday deals

Some retailers have started posting a few deals, to get you ready for Black Friday (or to get your money early, before there's much competition). We'll collect them here, for you to decide if it's worth spending your cash now.

At the moment, the only strong contender is Argos, so these are the only deals we've listed. But as Black Friday gets nearer, the other retailers will likely post their own competitive offerings.

LG E9 65-inch OLED TV £3,499 £2,799 at Currys
LG's 'floating' glass display goes under the knife, with this £700 saving at Currys. It has the same panel and processor as the C9, but its uniquely gorgeous design is now available for less. For home deliveries you can get another £200 off too.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy A10 from | SIM-free | £123.78
Obviously, going from a price tag of just £15.33 all the way up to £123.78 seems like an astronomical price jump but the A10 is very much still a budget phone. That £100 or so jump up from the Nokia gets you a lot - a massive 34000mAh battery, a 6.2-inch LCD screen, a front and back camera, it even has a surprisingly powerful processor. For this price, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better.
View Deal

Moto G7 Power from | SIM-free | £159.95
The name gives this phone's secret super power away. With one of the largest battery's on the market, it can outlast the vast majority of flagships. It even has a pretty decent processor for gaming and streaming. But, at a price well under £200 and packed with a massive battery, expect a clunky and heavy device.
View Deal

iPhone 8 from | SIM-free | £479
Is it really a list of phones without Apple? When it comes to budget devices, normally no...Apple wouldn't make the list. But, the iPhone 8 has been steadily decreasing in price since we saw the release of the iPhone 11. Mixing affordability with high-level Apple specs, this will be ideal for the Apple fan wanting a cheap upgrade. Willing to go refurbished? Amazon can cut the price down to £308.59.
View Deal

OnePlus 7T from | SIM-free | £549
Realistically, we're starting to fall out of the definition of 'budget phones' with this device. Coming in at £549, the OnePlus 7T might cost a lot more than the options above but considering what you get with this phone, that price tag actually feels pretty affordable compared to its competitors. It has a beautiful screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, incredible performance, a triple camera set-up - essentially too many great features to cover here. For more, read our full OnePlus 7T review.
View Deal

Anker Soundcore Flare £69.99 £49.49 at Amazon
This brilliant deal from Amazon sees £20 slashed off the price of this fantastic portable speaker, which comes dressed in a fancy Christmas box. It's waterproof, loud for its size, and it comes with its own LED light show, making it the perfect gift for a party animal.View Deal

Bose Home Speaker 500 | £399 £299 at Amazon UK
Amazon is offering the Bose Home Speaker 500 for under £300 ahead of Black Friday. Bose is renowned for its high quality speakers, and this model offers no different. From wall to wall stereo sound from a single speaker to integrated Google Assistant and Alexa, this is a smart speaker with serious audio punch.
View Deal

Get 20% off all toys at Argos
Argos is slashing the price of toys in the third week of its Crazy Codes sale. Enter the code TOYS20 at the checkout to save 20% when you spend at least £20 on toys. Deal ends midnight November 12.
View Deal

Get two selected games for £30 at Argos
Grab two games from a selection of PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch titles for just £30. The games on offer include Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and many more. This deal was originally set to end on October 18, but still appears to be available.
View Deal

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music £249.99 £179.99 at Argos
Get £70 off this feature-packed smartwatch for a limited time only. With internal storage for 500 songs, plus Spotify support, it lets you enjoy your favourite songs and podcasts without toting your phone around. Throw in GPS, heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, and it's a runner's dream.
View Deal

Free PS4 and COD: Modern Warfare | Sony Xperia L3 deals | Carphone Warehouse and | From £24/pm
Looking for a way to get the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and a PS4 on a budget? This offer gets you both of those things and a new Sony phone from as little as £25 a month, scoring you three big tech gifts in one.

See this offer at Carphone Warehouse

Free Nintendo Switch Lite | Various handsets | | From £23/pm
Thanks to an impressive promotion from, you can currently get not just a phone contract but also a Nintendo Switch Lite, completely free! This offer is available on the:

Samsung Galaxy A40
Samsung Galaxy A10
Nokia 6.2
Nokia 7.2
Oppo A9 2020

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) 32GB  £149.99 £99.99 at Amazon
Need a tablet on the cheap? This brilliant deal sees £50 knocked off the previous edition 32GB Fire HD 10, bringing the price down to less than £100. It's not the newest version available, but it's still a fantastic slate, and could make a great Christmas present.
View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) 64GB  £179.99 £129.99 at Amazon
Looking for a little more storage? The 64GB version also has a £50 discount, which is valid until midnight, November 4 – so you'll have to be quick!View Deal

Which retailers are we watching over Black Friday?

All shops in the UK, from the big chains to local independent stores, will be posting Black Friday deals online or in store. We've selected a few of the best that we'll be watching, and you can use our roundups to find out all the great deals they're posting.

Despite a year of political uncertainty, Black Friday is when the top retailers still see an increase year on year of footfall, at least metaphorically (online). 

Footfall to physical stores was down year on year in 2018, while online traffic for Black Friday in the UK soared 46% year on year - the Brits loving bagging a deal from the comfort of a chair.  

That traffic was also nearly half the time on a phone - according to, 48% of online shopping came through a mobile in 2018, rather than in a store, and a further 11% on a tablet - and nearly a quarter of the year's transactions came through the month of November.

This year could be a different story though. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported a growth of 9.4% for online shopping in early 2019 which was a record for shopping outside of physical stores. 

Currys Black Friday expectations

(Image credit: Currys)

Currys was one of the top performers on Black Friday 2018, which means it could repeat its performance in 2019 with some amazing deals. 

Part of Currys' Black Friday success was the Price Match Promise, with which Currys offers to match the price of any great deal you find offered by another retailer. You could use this to great effect, if you're looking to save cash over the holiday season.

We'd expect to see great Black Friday Currys deals on things like laptops, lower-end tablets, and speakers, judging by performances in other years. For more in-depth information on the Currys Black Friday deals, check out our roundup.

Amazon Black Friday expectations

(Image credit: Amazon)

While Amazon has its own personal Black Friday earlier in the year, in the form of Amazon Prime Day, it still offers plenty of great deals and discounts, especially on its own products. Those deals are going to come earlier this year, as Amazon's deals will begin on November 22 and last for a whole week.

Yep, it should probably go without saying, but if you're looking for a great Black Friday deal on Amazon products like Echos, Kindles, Fire Tabs and more, Amazon itself is probably the place to check, with a range of discounts on new and older devices.

There will be discounts on loads of other products too, and Amazon's perks like next-day delivery for Prime members will be of great service, so for an in-depth round-up on the online retailer's performance, check our Amazon Black Friday deals page now.

John Lewis Black Friday expectations

(Image credit: John Lewis)

John Lewis is an established high street brand, and it's got a few tricks up its sleeves to entice you for Black Friday, including its 'never knowingly undersold' price match promise and the commendable John Lewis guarantee that sees your purchase protected for at least two years.

In terms of actual products that will see Black Friday deals, that's a hard one, since John Lewis sells such a big range of products, but we've got a few guesses. There will likely be a few smartphones reduced, especially from newer devices like the iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4, as well as discounts on home entertainment systems like TVs and speakers.

John Lewis is another retailer you can walk in to, to get the best Black Friday discounts, but we're expecting the best deals to be online. That's why you should check out our John Lewis Black Friday homepage so you can be in-the-know when the best savings occur.

Argos Black Friday expectations

Argos Black Friday 2019

(Image credit: Future/Argos)

Argos jumped the gun a bit with regards to Black Friday, in that it started offering some great deals a month before November 29, but that means if you're looking to save some money you've already got a good place to look.

It's currently offering savings on video games, LEGO, mobile tech and more, as part of the Argos 'Crazy Codes' sale. There are more reasons to look to Argos for your Black Friday deals, other than the fact it's the only retailer to actually offer them right now; there's Argos Care insurance, the Argos Card that lets you spread out your payment over time, and more.

TechRadar has been covering the 'Crazy Codes' as well as a range of buying advice for how to make the most of your Argos Black Friday, so check out that homepage for all our best advice.

How to prepare for Black Friday 2019

At TechRadar we're committed to bringing you great buying advice, whether it's recommending great products or calling out not-so-great ones, and part of that involves giving great advice on how to buy – so we've come up with our best Black Friday sales advice.

So we've got multiple guides on how to prepare for Black Friday, including coming up with tips for making the most of the sales, comparing Black Friday vs Cyber Monday so you know which to look at for your deals needs, and looking at why great customer service matters for Black Friday.

Looking for a specific product? We've got a guide on how to choose which iPhone is best for you, and also how to get a great iPhone deal. We've a roundup of the best TV brands to consider when you're searching through the sales, and an analysis on whether Cyber Monday is the best time to buy a PS4.

And how do you find a great deal? Well, your computer might be better than your smartphone for certain purchases, but you also need to remember to reduce your carbon footprint during the Black Friday sales period.

Now we're in the final month run-up to the deals season, we'll be coming up with even more useful advice for you, including speaking to experts and examining how each individual retailer works over Black Friday, so keep checking back to TechRadar for all our expertise.

Will Brexit affect Black Friday?

With Brexit dragging on and a state of uncertainty remaining over where the country will be with regard to the EU when Black Friday hits, it's having a knock-on effect for stock levels, import plan and warehouse management for delivery.

"Our own research suggests that currency depreciation, additional documentation checks and requirements, tariffs on some goods, as well as delays at the border, would all contribute to higher prices and a reduced selection," says BRC chief executive Helen Dickinson.

We've written an analysis of if Brexit panic buying could impact Black Friday, so check that out if you're worried about how political uncertainty could affect your buying habits.

What are Black Friday shopping habits like?

We’re now seeing all manner of savings across multiple categories - last year John Lewis reported a boost in areas like fashion and beauty as categories where consumers snapped up big discounts, building on top of the big-ticket electronics items.

However, the length of time that the sales lasted was the real story of 2018 - in the UK, most retailers started their sales far earlier than before to spread the load on their sites, leading to many UK consumers to wonder when Black Friday actually was, given there was no 'day after Thanksgiving' to hang a date around.

This meant frantic Googling of 'when is Black Friday?' in a bid to make sure they didn’t miss out on bargains - which is why that’s one of the first things we’ve dealt with in this article.

Research from Picodi suggests that the most active shopping period will be from 5PM this year - so get in earlier if you want to grab your bargains while stocks last.

Research from Picodi suggests that the most active shopping period will be from 5PM this year - so get in earlier if you want to grab your bargains while stocks last.

(Image credit: PIcodi)

According to data from Picodi, users in the UK begin their Black Friday sales shopping from 5AM in the UK, with nearly half doing it from a mobile and - on average - spending £315 per person. That spending peaks at around 5-7PM, 

Image credit: TechRadar

Image credit: TechRadar

For consumers, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales frenzy means a whole fortnight - or even longer - of what appear to be good deals. If you’re savvy and take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals monitoring, you can really save a lot of money. 

As mentioned above, the fact that consumers focused in on Black Friday meant that Christmas sales fell as a result - so the discounts are only going to pile into that period as retailers follow the trends of when people are buying.

Rhian Murphy, head of retail sales at the ONS, told the BBC: "Following the increased growth in November, where shoppers snapped up more Black Friday offers as they continue to bring forward their Christmas shopping, retail sales weakened in December".

Given that we’re seeing such a shift towards an online presence, it means bad news for brick-and-mortar stores, where they struggle to compete with the deep discounts that can be offered online - and the bigger firms that offer cheaper postage to attract more clicks too.

Where will we see the best Black Friday deals?

One thing we’ve noticed over the years is, in many cases, the available discounts changed as the month of November progressed: headline-grabbing stuff aside, the best value deals tended to appear later in the month on more expensive products where retailers could still make a profit while knocking a hefty amount off the price. 

That’s partly due to upselling and cross-selling opportunities too: many firms hope if you buy something expensive for a bargain price, you’ll then buy some accessories to go with it.

But what technology should you be looking out for? These are our top predictions if which desirable gadgets you’ll be able to get for less.

2019 iPads and iPhone 11

 Image credit: TechRadar 

 Image credit: TechRadar 

The last couple of years we’ve seen decent discounts on the ‘new iPad’ (the non-Pro model), with 2018’s version getting insane price drops in the US to just $249. It was so good that our US Phones Editor instantly bought two for his parents.

(It was a deal matched on Amazon Prime Day this year - meaning we could see even lower prices on Black Friday as the tablet hasn't been upgraded in 2019).

Apple has shown us the new iPad for 2019, which is actually great news if you want a new tablet - retailers are running through the stock of the iPad (2018), and already we're seeing discounts for the tablet, making it ripe for a big impression on Black Friday this year.

Also, the new iPad MIni (2019) and iPad Air (2019) which did launch will get nifty drops too from various retailers, we believe.

Note that this isn’t from Apple, but the retailers themselves - Apple only usually offers extra gift cards when you buy expensive gadgets from it.

The iPhone XR was one of the biggest sellers in 2018 as well, with discounts appearing instantly on contract even though it was a newer phone, and with the iPhone 11 replacing it this year, the chances are we'll see wicked discounts for both these phones for Black Friday 2019.

Apple AirPods 

 Image credit: TechRadar 

 Image credit: TechRadar 

Sticking with the Apple theme, we’re very much expecting retailers to realise that there’s a lot of money to be made from discounting Apple’s wireless headphones - they were among the most searched-for items on Black Friday last year, and we've now had the imprived Apple AirPods (2019)  land, although they're not as exciting as the Apple AirPods 3 we expect to see in 2020.

That said, this year's AirPods will still likely get a discount as there's not a huge amount new inside and we're expecting to see a lot more of a reduction for these much-wanted products in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10

 Image credit: TechRadar 

 Image credit: TechRadar 

As with iPhones, so with Galaxies: not just the S10 but the new Note too. We saw low-cost up-front deals with very little to pay per month for the Galaxy S9 and siblings - which was impressive for these well-reviewed phones - and we’re expecting to see the same this year in the Black Friday phone deals.

If your contract is up for renewal around then, it’s worth waiting for Black Friday to see what cracking deals emerge. Prime Day showed us that Samsung is willing to drop the price of both the S9 and S10 - and even the Note 9 - as the brand prepared to refresh its entire range in the next 6-8 months.

PS4 and Xbox One

 Image credit: TechRadar 

 Image credit: TechRadar 

We’re still waiting for final confirmation of the specs for the PS5, but right now Sony is still all about the PS4 and the PS4 Pro and Microsoft continues to push its Xbox One S and One X deals to extend the ecosystem and get more people to buy its games and peripherals.

It’s in the bundles that we expect to see some good PS4 Black Friday deals - although there weren’t as many sensational options last year (apart from some to include Red Dead Redemption 2), we always expect good bundles.

The same can be said on things like PSVR - last year saw some discounts there too, and we’re still seeing games come out of the platform, so the virtual reality discounts are still highly likely.

4K TVs - OLEDs especially

 Image credit: LG

 Image credit: LG

For TVs, using tools like PriceSpy or CamelCamelCamel is perfect, as you’ll really want to know the true previous price for the large sets.

Every year TVs are one of the big winners in terms of discounts - there’s usually something for everyone on offer, with low-cost 4K TVs something many retailers offered last year.

We often see discounts on LG’s OLED range, one of the more popular in the UK especially, and OLED technology is dropping in price every year, making it far more of a bargain. 

We're expecting the LG OLED B9 and C9 to be really big hitters once again, although it was the B8 and C8 models that were given the great discounts on Prime Day.

You can also look into Samsung’s QLED TV - it’s meant to be the equivalent of OLED tech in many ways - or top-end LED TVs if you’re looking to spend a little less, and cost a lot less than before - we’re talking less than £500 in the UK for a 55-inch set in some situations.

We also saw some sub-$100 prices for Full HD 40-inch sets in 2018 over in the US, which is an insane price for a TV, even if the quality is less than you might expect at a higher price - there could still be one final hurrah for 1080p sets, perfect for the second bedroom or kitchen, in 2019.

Amazon Echo devices, Fire TV sticks and Kindle Fire tablets

 Image credit: TechRadar 

 Image credit: TechRadar 

It wouldn’t be Black Friday or Cyber Monday if Amazon wasn’t slashing the price of its own-brand devices.

There were multiple cuts to Amazon’s top tech in 2018, with the Echo Dot getting 50% off, the Ring series of smart home tech also being cut and Philips Hue bundles getting chucked in with the top-end Echo speakers.

What did we see on Prime Day this year? Well, top discounts on Amazon's Fire Stick and Fire Stick 4KTV, plus the lowest price ever on the Echo dot.

There were huge improvements in the amount of Ring and Blink devices sold, as well as Eero mesh routers - it shows that as the influence of Amazon's own devices grows, the same discounts get applied to Amazon's sales period (which includes Black Friday).

Amazon has launched a raft of new devices this year as well, refreshing nearly every element of its Echo range and adding in some new conceptual ideas too.

In fact, we’re expecting multiple smart home speakers and displays to be discounted again in 2019 - Lenovo and Google had high discounts on their top speakers last year, and the same is almost certain to happen again in order to pull users into the relevant ecosystems.

Will Black Friday 2019 be different to last year?

Black Friday 2019 could see more of a buying push in the UK though, as it falls later in the year - this means more people will have been paid when the buying weekend rolls around and could be willing to spend a little more on gifts.

The key question, as posed above, is about how Brexit might alter things in the UK - will retailers be forced to lower sales or reduce staff in a bid to counter the cost of a no-deal exit from the EU?

Here at TechRadar we spent hours and hours sifting through the best deals on every major retailer - and last year we saw some really big trends emerge, which should influence this year’s discounts. Black Friday has fallen into a rhythm, so some predictions are safe bets:

Headphones were among the big winners in 2018, with Apple’s Airpods desperately sought after on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK we saw a few big price drops (BT unexpectedly offering the best), and the Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless cans pulled in big interest thanks to a deep discount.

How does TechRadar prepare for Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the most important times of the year for TechRadar - we spend weeks ahead of the big day (or weekend) making sure the whole site is ready for people looking for the information they need to help them make the right buying choice. Whether that's knowing which is the best laptop, TV or iPad, or just seeing great deals for them through our Hawk price comparison widget, we've got everything you need to know.

Nintendo Switch bundles once again outshone PS4 last year and Xbox One X and One S deals, and in the TV world a great deal was seen on a top Sony 4K TV, slashing hundreds off the price of the 43-inch TV.

In the phone world, there were a few decent bargains in the iPhone XR bundles, but an ‘everything unlimited’ SIM only deal from Three - for just £20 a month - was the real star of the show. Well, that and the insanely cheap £19-a-month deal for the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well - both were excellent options.

In addition to its usual discounting, Amazon will always lop a sizable amount off its own products on Black Friday: it offered impressive discounts on Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers and its Echo devices last year, as we well the Ring series of tech from the brand it now owns.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation): £49.99 went down to £24.99
Getting this powerful little smart speaker for half price was a pretty good deal in our books – with the smarts of Amazon Alexa, far-field voice recognition, and the ability to control your smart home, the Echo Dot is mightier than it looks and was a great deal last Black Friday. (And it dropped even lower on Prime Day 2019)

We’re not expecting the Black Friday / Cyber Monday bandwagon to slow down in any way this year, with retailers extending their deals even further than before to entice the buying public.

In 2018 we saw a couple of brands promise to ‘future price match’, meaning consumers could buy something now and know that if it got dropped in later wars to offer the cheapest tag, they could reclaim the difference.

However, despite all this we’re still expecting that the best deal will be found surrounding Black Friday - as ever, our advice is to know your budget going in, set a maximum price you’re willing to pay (having done the research to know what sort of prices your desired tech has been at throughout the year) and stick to it.

Not to be too self-promoting (OK, a little bit, but we really put the effort in here…) but TechRadar’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals pages are really worth keeping an eye on if you’re looking for the very best deals in tech. 

(Bookmark this page and it’ll be populated with all the best Black Friday deals come November - you won’t even need to search it out!)

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving when retailers begin the holiday shopping season. It’s based around the aforementioned “doorbusters”, discounts so impressive that bargain-crazed customers will try to break the doors down before the shop opens - although that’s more of a virtual craze these days. 

What’s the origin of Black Friday?

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Let’s take a Black Friday history lesson: the first known mention of Black Friday related to this shopping experience was in November 1951, when the journal Factory Management and Maintenance used it to describe people calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving so they could have an extra day off work. 

At the same time US police were using the phrases “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday” to describe the horrendous traffic that occurred at the beginning of the pre-Christmas shopping season. 

In 1961 there was a movement from the local government to change the shopping season to “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday”, but it clearly never caught on.

Why is Cyber Monday called Cyber Monday?

The term was coined by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman of the US’ National Retail Federation and, and it was a deliberate move to promote online shopping back in 2005 when the Internet was made of wood and powered by steam. 

It was intended to help smaller retailers compete with the big names who were harping on about Black Friday, although of course those big names promptly jumped on the Cyber Monday bandwagon too.

Are Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals real?

Generally speaking, yes - although there are two kinds of deals. The first has been pre-agreed between brands and retailers, so they’re not as off-the-cuff as you might expect. 

The other is sudden price drops, whether that’s an algorithm working out the best way to attract users to buy (as brands like Amazon often will) or just the big names price-matching one another, or pushing the price down further as they look to be the big winner. 

(We saw something similar with iPads in the US and AirPods in the UK last year as retailers looked to get the price of the top Apple products, among the most sought-after products, onto the radar of consumers).

As with any sales event you’ll see a mixture of bargains, discounted end-of-line stock and strange things found in the back of a warehouse somewhere. In 2016, consumer magazine Which? accused retailers of some pretty dodgy behaviour.

As mentioned, you’ll find the best options if you bookmark this page right now - there will be deals from the beginning of November, and we’ll be bringing you the best of them, those that we think are worth checking out, the second that we see them flash up.

Browse all deals

Of course, Black Friday deals will see reductions on loads of great products, from phones and tablets to TVs, speakers and computers, but there are also deals all year round on most of these things.

So you can find out what's cheap right now, see below for all our Black Friday deals and buying guides for a range of products.

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